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Keaton Jacobs

from New Orleans

"I revere your willingness to be candidly open and genuinely vulnerable for the good of all. It makes your work that much brighter. Cheers for those of us willing to be peculiar. Kindest Regards Whatever doesn't annoy me makes me nicer - The Covert Comic"

signed 2016.10.15 9:13am 


Dominic Rosswick

from Saint Louis, Misery

"Hi! It's your Facebook buddy Nick. Just took a look at your site, and was reminded what a remarkable human being you are. Hopefully, I'll be back on fb soon. Keep making beautiful art!"

signed 2015.11.12 9:58pm 


Dove Willow

from Springfield, Ohio

"You are a lovely model, Kellen, and I am sure a lovely person. I hope you continue your bewitching modeling and your aspirations come true for you. I, too, love abandoned buildings and fashion. I write, too, a diary-journal about my fairy-femme transqueerliness, poetry, and essays. Love ya:))"

signed 2015.10.30 9:46am 


Scott A.

from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, The Milky Way

"Heyya Jenna, I'm an avid fan of your work that I've seen on Facebook. I often like and comment on your beautiful and expressive art. This is the first time I'd gene inclined to venture to the internet to find more. I was indeed pleasantly surprised, and love your portfolio. Your dancing is lovely and mesmerizing, and your paintings are impressive (from one artist to an other). I always look forward to see more of your work on Facebook, and henceforth, any updates to this portfolio site as well."

signed 2015.08.29 11:00am 


Christopher Anderson

from Auckland, New Zealand

" your alternate art. Keep it coming. Awesome"

signed 2015.07.30 5:59am 


Chris Trailer

from Oregon, USA

"It's Sunday morning I found your page, I love your pictures and all your work. Keep up the great work and thank you for shsring."

signed 2015.07.26 11:42am 



from Austin, TX

"Jenna, I only came across your work today, but I fell in love. The way you are able to capture beauty of the human form is amazing. Thank you for sharing such wonderful talent and a love for what you do. Sincerely, Tony"

signed 2015.06.27 2:32pm 



from Korea

"I am a human body sculptor. I pursue the aesthetics of the bones and muscles. I applaud your wonderful artistic activities. My homepage"

signed 2015.06.11 2:53am 


DW (Dove Willow)

from Springfield, OH

"Your modeling is gorgeous. I love many of your likes. Peace and love to you. my tumblr site is"

signed 2015.06.09 2:35pm 



from Long Branch, NJ

"Powerful and moving work. This is what I shoot for."

signed 2015.04.05 8:45am 


Chune Ho Hip

from Johannesburg

"Love your work. Please keep it coming! CHH"

signed 2015.03.17 3:03am 


Terry Carney

from Richmond, VA

"Beautiful artistic work"

signed 2015.02.18 9:48pm 


Len Ward

from Ottawa, Ontario

"I love your work. Stunning, creative images!"

signed 2015.02.04 7:50pm 


Robert Allen

from Dublin

"Beautiful work."

signed 2015.01.31 9:53am 



from Nelson , B.C.

"I'm truly taken back by your art n photography talent. I might just go put some Ani on since you seem to have pulled out a feminsit side that I am rarely inspired to speak of. Amazingly gorgeous body to if I may say ! If you ever have time would you add me on Fet Life = Hilternows . I would be honored ! Cheers and thanks for a better night ."

signed 2015.01.29 10:49pm 


Henry D Baines Jr

from Baltimore, Maryland,21230

"I also have a crush on you, Love your work!"

signed 2015.01.19 3:10am 


Jenna Citrus

from Evansville, IN, USA

"You are an amazing model, your portfolio is outstanding, one in a billion."

signed 2015.01.13 7:59pm 


john stevens

from united kingdom Bridport

"Hi Jenna Such stunning pictures of my very favourite model.Keep the pictures coming.I really love all of them.For me you have the perfect body.You are a true artist. John x"

signed 2015.01.12 10:05am 


Ken KBM Photography

from Southfield, MI, USA, Earth (Although sometimes I have my doubts

"You are incredible. Body like a fine tuned sleek race car. I enjoyed your videos. I originally found you on FetLife. Just wonderful. Come to Michigan. I'd love to take your photos."

signed 2015.01.03 6:30am 



from Toronto, Canada

"You are simply, amazingly, stunningly, fabulously awesome and so lovely Jenna :) Love, hugs and warm wishes xox Vlad"

signed 2014.12.30 11:33am 


Photoartist Rob Charter

from Sydney Australia

"Hi Jenna, You introduced yourself through Fetlife and I thought o have a look at your art and photography which I found to be entertaining and of high standard. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future enterprises Regards Rob Charter (Photoartist)"

signed 2014.12.03 4:13pm 


fred Scholpp

from Norge Va USA currently on the planet Earth but thinking about going home someday)

"Hey I was admiring your paintings, there is one that made me chuckle, I have a photo of a model that is on the same wavelength :) Write me back and I'll show it to you. If you are anywhere near Williamsburg Va, I love to have you come to one of my life-drawing sessions, as model or artist! We sometimes work outside (the advantage of having 32 secluded acres to work in) Found you on FB, going to check out your model work next. Cheers,Fred"

signed 2014.11.14 9:52pm 



from BERWICK in maine ya know

"I found you on model society nice nice work if your ever in the maine area of new England I would love to work with u spring time or late summer its a bit warmer then but if u don't mind the cold fall is bitchen sweet too"

signed 2014.11.06 10:01pm 


john crowder

from clinton missouri usa

"thank you for inviting me to your page"

signed 2014.10.27 4:58pm 



from Syracuse, NY

"You're kind of an amazing adventuring awesome ball of awesome. Just sayin'."

signed 2014.10.25 9:55pm 



from DC USA third Rrck from the Sun

"hey hi really liked your videos, photos, and how you describe yourself. you are really hot skinny and, especially, now too! If you are ever in Glover Park shoot me an e-mail. can’t hire you but if would like to meet a portuguese guy who thinks you are AWESOME; let’s get together. Hum this is strange…. I am sure I would be amazed to find out how crazy you are. Marco"

signed 2014.08.11 7:56pm 


Todd Gregory

from Baltimore, Md.

"I love ur work! U are a very creative and beautiful woman. Love the pole work too! Your paintings are creative and definitely unique. U have got it going on!!!"

signed 2014.07.29 5:40pm 



from South Africa

"Love your art, stunning"

signed 2014.07.15 2:18pm 



from Chambersburg, Pa

"I find you to be very interesting as well as so talented! I like your thoughts on life!"

signed 2014.07.06 12:32pm 



from Sweden

"I love your website."

signed 2014.05.01 3:39am 


Roberto Scopetani

from Prato (PO) Italy

"You are very stunning and very gorgeous!!!!"

signed 2014.04.07 2:59pm 



from tanta city,egypt,from a space,

"amazing artist,take care.i love you"

signed 2014.02.27 5:43am 



from Fort Lauderdale Florida

"Love your art, you are truly amazing. Glad I ran into you again in person. Your one of my favorite people on the planet."

signed 2014.02.23 9:47am 


Clark Falwell

from North Little Rock, Arkansas

"U are a beautiful creature. I can tell u are in ur element if ur not confined to a prescribed structure. There are very few of u out there. Haha! I bet u worried one of ur parents sick growing up ! LOL ! Love ur pics ."

signed 2014.02.16 1:35am 


william baisden

from columbus

"Really enjoyed your photos,beautifully done art!"

signed 2014.01.23 10:53pm 



from Richmind, VA

"Beautiful work of art"

signed 2014.01.05 4:10pm 


curtis salonick

from wilkes-barre USA Pa

"Just wanted to say Hi"

signed 2013.12.24 12:35pm 


john stevens

from Bridport UK

"A huge fan! Your body is so beautiful & what you are able to do with it is the most wonderful & inspirational art. We have such stupid laws in the UK on nudity in public but I shall continue to push the boundaries with my models! Will continue to follow you. John x"

signed 2013.11.02 7:17am 



from Boca Raton

"love your mind the way you come up with these artistic shoots"

signed 2013.10.09 12:08am 


Donna Feldman Lasky

from Owings Mills, MD


signed 2013.09.29 2:37pm 


Andreas Erber

from Germany

"Your body, very special, I enjoy it. Andreas"

signed 2013.09.18 9:50am 





signed 2013.08.14 8:53pm 



from Cocoa, FL.

"A little out of my particular line, but, very enjoyable!! Keep 'em coming!!"

signed 2013.06.15 4:56pm 



from Florida

"Splendid work...true artist!"

signed 2013.06.08 1:44pm 



from New York

"Wow, lots of great images, but Asylum Blue is one of the most striking photographs I've ever seen."

signed 2013.05.26 4:16am 


James Lawson

from Newport News

"Be interested in talking to you about a photo shoot down the road."

signed 2013.05.13 4:55pm 


Addie Talley

from Columbus, MS

"Another photographer friend pointed me in your direction. I love your look - especially the dreads and piercings, and that you are so comfortable in your body. I think you would be amazing in a goth shoot, which Id love to do, so maybe one day we will get the chance to meet up and work together, or at the least, chat a bit. I hope you are having a good week. -addie"

signed 2013.05.07 10:44am 


Martin Howard

from Earth (currently), Columbus, MS

"I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I admire your work. I like how you push the limits of art and create bold images. In a world overwhelmed with the mundance, you stand out. Best wishes in all your endeavors."

signed 2013.05.07 9:10am 


curtis Salonick

from Wilkes-Barre Pa USA

"Very much like what you do."

signed 2013.04.13 7:22pm 


Peaches Mcdaniel

from GA, USA

"Just wanted to drop by and let you know that i absolutely love your paintings and your "Fine art nudes" really tell a story with each photo!"

signed 2013.03.30 10:42pm 


Ashley J

from Charlotte, North Carolina

"I have recently become obsessed with the beauty of nude art. Women are such exquisite creatures and I have come to accept my own body and beauty more through looking at your pictures. Thank you"

signed 2013.03.30 12:21pm 


Michael Kurz

from Neu-Ulm, Germany

"Hello Jenna, I love your fantastic very skinny body and your great work!!!! I am your fan!!!! In love, Michael"

signed 2013.03.29 9:36am 



from Nashville,Tn

"What talent you have, Love your work ..True beauty.. Thanks, CAPPO"

signed 2013.03.29 8:20am 


Robert Stewart

from Birmingham, Alabama area

"Very nice work! If your travels ever bring you through Alabama, let me know."

signed 2013.03.26 8:19pm 



from west virginia

"very nice work you have a new fan"

signed 2013.03.25 10:36pm 


christopher eiland

from United States

"I saw some of your photos through a friend and then learned that not only are you beautiful but quite talented. I look forward to watching you grow"

signed 2013.03.19 3:04pm 


Dave c

from Center of Minnesota

"All your stuff is really nice, hard to say what I like the best. It's all good! I just don't understand the negative comments about your weight. My guess is those who complain must be really fat, and would never have the nerve to do what you are doing. And are probably jealous. You look like you take excellent care of yourself and keep fit to look that good. I'd say, ignore them and keep doing what you are doing. Hope things are going well for you and continue to. Take care, and thanks!!"

signed 2013.03.10 4:54pm 



from nashvile

"i have a crush o you"

signed 2013.03.09 11:01am 



from belgium

"Lovely website, great pictures, love the videos ! I admire your work very much Jenna... If only we could work together someday... best wishes ;)"

signed 2013.03.02 12:19pm 


lloyd tropical island cafe

from 39w piccadilly st winchester va.

"you are wonderfully made, lv u jah bless."

signed 2013.02.26 12:19am 



from Arlington , Tx

"you are a spectacular artist ... amazing !!"

signed 2013.02.18 6:16pm 


Mick Harrison

from Derbyshire UK

"Hello.It was nice to see your videos ,as now I can the see what talent you have ,not only as a beautiful woman in modeling but as a dancer, Loved it ,well done you ...Mick x"

signed 2013.02.17 4:54pm 


Uwe Stehr

from Hamburg, Germany

"Very beautiful"

signed 2013.02.15 12:19am 


Steven Gregory

from Parkville, Md

"your site is very nice. I find you very interesting. I worked at the BMA for a long time and studied many paintings."

signed 2013.02.12 3:38am 



from Denver, Colorado

"I love your work! You have a truly amazing body, and you take the most beautiful pictures"

signed 2013.02.05 8:31am 



from Hartford CT

"Love your talent and beauty. Best are the rope pics and vids of you dancing!"

signed 2013.01.30 2:23pm 


Ted Rock

from Richmond Virginia

"Love your amazing look! Thank you for sharing such wicked beauty!"

signed 2013.01.20 12:50pm 



from marion, ar

"I love your work.. you are beautiful, talented , and a joy to watch. keep doing what you are doing and i shall keep watching you"

signed 2013.01.19 10:02pm 


Phil 'Mad Cow' Brackel

from Northville, Michigan, Earth sometimes

"Fine body of work. Wonderful gestures incorporating your dance background. You are more than a model, a muse is a better term for you. Phil FL & MM Your chair nude is incredible! I would love to shoot you at the Packard Plant - Detroit..."

signed 2013.01.10 4:51am 



from Houston, TX

"Incandescant beauty - you are now my muse. MWvixen former art model 5'2 80 lbs. MWvixen on FL"

signed 2013.01.09 8:37pm 


Darth Invader

from Philadelphia, PA

"Really nice watercolors, I liked the woman with the bird skull. The fine nudes are amazing. You make beautiful lines like a ballerina."

signed 2013.01.09 8:07pm 



from Los Angels USA

"Great pics"

signed 2013.01.09 7:47pm 


Dan Grogan

from Post Falls, ID... USA

"your art and your pics are great"

signed 2013.01.01 8:53pm 


Dr. Günter Körtner

from Marburg, Germany

"wow - saw some of your modeling at Stephen's PhotoArt on flickr. just dropped in to see more - and girl - i'm impressed! simply superb!"

signed 2012.12.21 9:05am 


greg s

from kingston,ny, usa

"cannot decide which is more impressive...your beauty or the art. perhaps they are one in the same:) great!"

signed 2012.12.18 3:44pm 



from Pennsylvania USA

"Hi Kellen, Just stopped by your website...fantastic work here!!! You are remarkable. Let's stay in touch. Best, David (aka FacadePhoto)"

signed 2012.12.17 3:34am 



from chicago il.

"Your work is amazing Kellen. I appreciate your creativity and artistry and I look forward to seeing more in the future. Cheers! - Jamal"

signed 2012.11.28 6:44pm 


Honathan Jorn

from Nebraska

"I would love to see you post more paintings :)"

signed 2012.11.10 4:55am 


Bruce Alexander

from Sydney Australia

"It has been a total pleasure visiting your web site. You are one of those rare models who have an indefinable quality that make an image work. Would love to be able to use you but as I am on the other side of the world this sadly is not possible. I will keep checking back to see if you have any new images. Bruce"

signed 2012.11.09 3:21pm 


James Groves

from Towson, MD

"Saw your posting in the travel notices on MM, but got a server error when I tried viewing your portfolio. Great work here! If you ever want to collaborate on some iimages, let me know. My website is my email address. Jim"

signed 2012.10.09 7:25pm 


donnaFELDMAN lasky

from Baltimore, MD

"You're amazing"

signed 2012.10.03 8:58pm 


Matt Moore

from Memphis, TN

"Hellow Kellen, I recently met you at an airport bar in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I appreciate your invitation to check out your website. You are a beautiful person and made the impression on me that you are just as beautiful on the inside. I wish we could have had more time to talk though. After seeing your site, I was very impressed with your style and grace. I wish you the best of luck. Matt Moore"

signed 2012.09.26 1:16pm 



from Perth Western Australia

"It's a pleasure to view and behold a true Artist in her own time. Beautiful work. Keep it up. Barry"

signed 2012.09.20 6:39pm 


Tim K

from Harpers Ferry

"Great pics glad I did not know you when you was growing up."

signed 2012.09.05 3:45am 


Nicolas Scheerbarth

from Frankfurt, Germany

"Fascinating pics of a fascinating person!"

signed 2012.09.05 12:08am 



from Gaithersburg, MD

"Hi, saw you on CM. You look great! But you already knew that. A suggestion if I may; I have a collection of unique one-of-a-kind home-made leather bondage gear. Shiny black, locking, 2.5" wide cuffs, collars, harnesses, armbinders, etc. I think your "Fetish" gallery would benefit from these. Contact me if you'd like to take advantage of this. I'm not looking for money (nor sex)."

signed 2012.08.15 8:33am 


DJ Fadeliss Andrew

from Somewhere on earth

"Love the website, looks great! and you're very talented! The modeling photo's really "caught my eye" per say. Keep it up!"

signed 2012.08.08 2:23am 


Robert Giordano

from earth

"Hi. Just testing this thing..."

signed 2012.08.08 12:13am